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"Many thanks for all your lovely positive comments"

From : Karen, Redditch

Debbie is such a talented therapist . Her treatments are something I relish , not only when I’m feeling run down , but also to keep me boosted. Every session Leaves me feeling on top of the world, highly energised and positive and weirdly good things often happen after a session! Not only is Debbie talented, she is a genuine, warm and lovely person who makes me feel extremely relaxed and very comfortable.

My first experience of Crystal Healing, Left me blown away as it was such a powerful experience. With no touching whatsoever it’s hard to believe that anything can be experienced. I was wrong ! There was a shift of energy over my body, which was powerful and surreal. I can only describe it as extraordinarily beautiful- even the aura in the room. I felt calm, positive and realigned. Debbie is incredibly talented and tuned in to the requirements of her clients for their journey towards healing. Karen 

From : Jan, Redditch

I have been a client of Debbie’s for about four years. She is always a pleasure to visit for the varying treatments she offers. I have experienced her crystal healing and found it to be a relaxing and healing session. As with her other treatments she is so knowledgeable about each of the crystals and their effects. Debbie always explains which crystals she is using and why and where they are best placed. She has a wide range of crystals and uses them to each clients needs. I always leave feeling much better than when I arrived. I highly recommend trying crystal healing with Debbie.

From : Janet, Redditch

I have been a client of Debbie Smith for a couple of years for massage therapy and can thoroughly recommend her skills in that sphere. She has now extended her therapies offering Reflexology and Reiki. I have experienced both with her now and her attention to detail and intuition have transferred to both therapies. Both holistic therapies are wonderful at rebalancing the body and mind and I find I am relaxed at the end of each session and float out of her front door! 
I can thoroughly recommend Reflexology and Reiki with Debbie and I am so glad I have found someone who can offer a range of therapies to such a high standard. 

From : Wendy, Wiltshire

I have had reiki healing and reflexology with hot stones from Debbie and it was the most relaxed I have felt, during and afterwards. The atmosphere is so calming and Debbie is always professional and friendly, the way she cares about how you are feeling really shows. I recommend her to everyone! Especially if you are feeling stressed or anxious, it will help you so much. 
I can thoroughly recommend Reflexology and Reiki with Debbie and I am so glad I have found someone who can offer a range of therapies to such a high standard. 

From : Paul, South Birmingham

I have received this wonderful Reiki healing treatments from Debbie and found this healing therapy to be of immense value not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. I feel so relaxed, energised and rebalanced in a very subtle way and always come away feeling much calmer and ready to face the world. I would recommend Debbie to anyone looking to find some peace and time to be in the moment.  
I can thoroughly recommend Reflexology and Reiki with Debbie and I am so glad I have found someone who can offer a range of therapies to such a high standard. 

From : Tina

Thanks Debbie for the best and most professional massage I've ever had.

I've had many massages in the US and UK in my time and yours was blissful. I loved the time you took to make sure it was a relaxing experience. I felt like I floated out of there.

Thank you so much. I'll be back for sure!

From : Christina Turrel

I had been suffering with my back for over 2 months using hot water bottles
24/7 to be able to manage the pain and stiffness to continue working.Debbie was recommended to me.  Debbie took a comprehensive history and assessment she was understanding and realistic to my lifestyle  which was very reassuring.

I had a fantastic deep tissue , trigger point massage using hot stones, it was a lovely calm and pleasant experience. Debbie gave me exercises to continue with and even lent me some equipment to use.  I really enjoyed the treatment and it had a really positive impact on my back.
I will return for further treatment and would highly recommend Debbie.

From : Nigel - Birmingham

"This treatment was recommended to me by a friend and I was certainly not disappointed! Debbie provided me with an excellent massage using warm bamboo sticks to gently and systematically work into my muscles. Aches and pains from some recent over-zealous gym work rapidly dissipated and I was left feeling both relaxed and invigorated. If you have never experienced this treatment, you really must. Debbie is a highly skilled and professional therapist. Highly recommended. "

From : Lozo

"I had my first Indian head massage performed by Debbie Smith recently. I have really benefitted from other treatments from her but this had quite a profound but positive effect. I felt extremely relaxed like not before. I would definitely recommend Debbie and this treatment for anyone needing such healing hands. "

From : Ruth Mossom

"Massage isn't only for relaxation and Debbie knows it. Her sessions are relaxing but she is serious about addressing the pain and discomfort of her clients. Amongst Debbie’s many qualification she offers the most therapeutic and pleasant deep tissue and hot stone massage that I've ever experienced. Most of us who work at a desk all day everyday hold stress in the back and neck but after a session with Debbie my muscles are totally relaxed. Debbie is a caring, highly qualified and experienced professional - I'd recommend her to anyone. "

From : Maria Vasic

" After an injury at work involving moving a patient I suffered with shoulder and neck pain , at times this was so bad even tieing my shoes was impossible .

I had visited my GP and was prescribed medication and physiotherapy, however the physiotherapy was ten 20 minute session in which I was given stretches to complete

My first session with Debbie changed my whole life ... believe me I know that sounds dramatic !!!. We had a lengthily consultation in which we discussed my problem and areas of concern and traced back to when the pain actually started .

The first deep tissue massage was amazing , I had previous had these however the pain during abs after was to much .Debbie started off gently and than gradually applied more pressure at every point asking about the pain score . Debbie definitely feed of my vibe and we happily talked about the muscle of the body and my concern , however on other visits when I was feeling a bit of sorts , Debbie again responded to my vibe and we did not chat and my massage had s different approach .

The aftercare Debbie gave was wonderful a cold drink was offered and than an depth discussion on ways on which we could proceed.Debbie knowledge of the body is outstanding therefore we were able to formulate a plan of care involving stretches at home to complete . Combining these with regular visits to Debbie I have never felt better .

Debbie is friendly and professional and makes you feel welcome within her work environment . The massage area is sparkling clean and comfortable . "

From : Sam - Lickey Hills

"I have seen Debbie for massages both pre and post pregnancy. As a sports player it was important for me to see someone who had a sound knowledge and understanding of what I wanted to achieve from a massage, and Debbie sought to do this. During pregnancy, she was able to target those particularly sore areas that a growing bump creates, leading to me being more mobile and with reduced pain following the massage. I was relaxed and had the best nights sleep I'd had in a while! Post pregnancy, Debbie has provided deep tissue massage that has targeted problem areas that have limited me playing rugby, and as a result, I am now back in the game!"

From : Annie Hinckley

"I can highly recommend Debbie as a very approachable, kind, & extremely professional therapist. Her caring nature & calming therapy room instantly relaxes you. The treatment I have received has been first class. The pain l was experiencing before seeing Debbie was instantly relieved. I will definately be using Debbie's services again! ".

From : Jo Taylor

"I attend gym classes regularly – a mix of weights, spin, dance & combat and I cycle every week, so I pick up niggles regularly despite stretching. Debbie Smith has treated me several times – I have tried her hot stones massage, sports massage and Swedish massage. Every single treatment has left me feeling wonderful – calm and relaxed with soothed, niggle-free muscles. Debbie takes care to make sure she understands what I need of her treatment at each visit and always treats the niggles at a pace and level that I can handle. This is exactly why I go back to Debbie time and time again."

From : Claire Wolfe

"Debbie is an excellent massage therapist, who is very receptive to any particular injuries or weak spots. I have been having regular hot stone massages and can vouch for the effectiveness in smoothing away aches and pains and generating a sense of well-being. I can highly recommend her to you".

From : Ryan

"As someone who suffers with their back neck and shoulders after an accident, I was advised to seek regular massage to relieve some of the tension. Debbie is absolutely fantastic in doing so. Whether it's a nice and relaxing massage or deep tissue, during your session, she will tell you what's causing the problems and how to avoid these problems in the future. With an extremely high level of professionalism, comes an apparent duty of care crossed with a genuine concern for your well being and relaxation. If you were ever thinking of booking a massage; do it. I Would highly recommend! (And have recommended!)

From : Dave Maylor

I’ve been going to see Deb Smith for the last 4 weeks to help speed up the recovery from a hip operation and get me back to full activity including running.

Deb takes the time to truly understand what’s happened and what’s needed, working not just on the ‘problem’ areas bur everything that surrounds them to ensure the joints, muscles and fascia are in good shape to support what I want to do.

As I progress back to activity I will be continuing with sports massage to help keep me injury free.

I recommend Deb Smith based on, not only results but the time she spends to listen, doing more than any other therapist I’ve ever encountered (and I’ve had a lot of injuries) and her totally professional approach.

From : Debbie Dodwell

I have had two treatments with Debbie now and I have to say they have been completely different to other massages I have had in the past. Firstly her screening was a lot more in depth where she spent time explaining the treatment she was going to do with the use of informative posters on anatomy she had around her treatment room allowing me to really understand the hows and whys of my treatment.

Her bedside manner.... as it were... is exceptional which really makes her stand out from other Therapists I have visited in the past.

Debbie is very mindful of situational awareness, you always know where she is, I would say this would be important for clients who are having treatment for the first time or for those who would be body conscious.

Debbie's treatment room is absolutely immaculate, warm and smells incredible which immediately sets the mood for your treatment whether this be for relaxation or help with tissue or joint injuries.

I can honestly say I had a total mind and body experience that helped the shoulder and stress issues that I was experiencing.

Debbie is a natural Therapist and I would highly recommend her.


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