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Warm Bamboo Massage

"Helping you look after your body"


Bamboo massage is ideal for those wanting to try something new, invigorating, and deeply relaxing.  If you like deep tissue massage, you are going to LOVE warm bamboo massage! Here is a wonderful way to get that deep tissue feel without the soreness that can often accompany traditional deep tissue massage. Each piece of bamboo cane is carefully hand-crafted and shaped to glide smoothly over the body. 


Of course bamboo has been around for centuries. It has been and continues to be a useful and beneficial material used throughout many civilisations both ancient and modern. We see it used for cooking utensils, dinnerware, chopping blocks, cutting tools, flooring, floor mats, sheets, beauty products, clothing and many other applications. It is unclear if bamboo was actually used to massage people in ancient times, but in this day and age it is one of the more popular forms of massage. Nathalie Cecilia is most often credited with first using bamboo in the massage field. She developed a technique called Bamboo-Fusion in efforts to take the stress and strain off her hands and wrists. Today she teaches this wonderful form of massage with bamboo to many therapists across the USA.

Warm bamboo massage is gaining in popularity in the UK. This therapy is wonderful to have if you like deep tissue work. It will leave you feeling relaxed and energised and with a sense that your muscles have been stretched, warmed and elongated.


Warm bamboo massage uses solid bamboo sticks of different lengths and diameters to massage the body. The sticks are gently warmed and applied to give deep and long massage strokes to break down tension and stretch tight and sluggish muscles. Stimulation of the tissue by the bamboo sticks is believed to relieve this “sluggish state”, by dissipating the heat that results from an accumulation of toxins and poor circulation, as would occur through deep tissue massage, trigger-point activation, or various acupressure techniques.

Known for its healing properties, this massage works at all levels to balance, calm and energise you physically, mentally and spiritually. If you are looking for a rejuvenating massage treatment, there's nothing better than a warm bamboo massage.

Considered to be one of the most multifaceted plants on earth, bamboo has earned its reputation from its holistic and soft appearance, as well as from its perseverance under harsh conditions. Known to symbolise strength, fertility, youth, prosperity and peace in the Orient, this plant has become one of the most coveted beauty ingredients of recent times.


Bamboo massage is an innovative way to provide  sports, deep tissue and trigger point massage using heated bamboo to roll and knead the tissue to create an extreme sensation of relaxation and well-being. Bamboo massage is also used as a powerful preventive therapy against modern-day stress and to aid relief from many physical and emotional problems.


With bamboo sticks one can perform unique strokes (kneading, rolling, criss-cross movements) using bamboo tools of various shapes and sizes. You will feel the soothing warmth associated with the bamboo. You will also feel my hands when performing these different techniques, especially with the palm sized pieces. The bamboo can be used both warm or cold depending on your needs. The benefits of Bamboo and Hot Stones are similar (see Hot Stone massage page). The major difference is that bamboo massage can be done standing, sitting or lying where Hot Stone is for the most part, done lying on a table. The bamboo sticks can work deeper into the muscle fibres and fascia, to obtain a deeper stretch of the muscles. I use a Vulsini heating case to warm the bamboo to its required temperature (50-53 degrees Celsius).

I use basalt stones for my hot stone massage. The stones are placed into a special Stone Heater which is filled with water. The water is typically heated to 50-53 degrees Celsius (122-127 degrees Fahrenheit). Once the stones have heated sufficiently, some are placed onto specific points on the body (such as the back, hands, etc.) and others are carefully chosen to work your muscles. Hot Stones are fabulous for a relaxing massage and helps melt away aches and pains.

For an ultimate relaxing and stretching experience, I combine hot stones with warm bamboo in a 90 minute therapeutic session. Using hot stones to warm and relax the body and then warm bamboo to go deeper into the muscles, releasing, stretching and relaxing the body at the same time.


Bamboo massage can help with your quality of sleep and cam increase your mental clarity. It increases lymphatic drainage, helps remove toxins from the body and encourages the body's natural healing abilities. Apart from relieving you of stress and tension, bamboo massage is also known to improve skin tone and help reduce cellulite.

For women whose legs feel heavy and tight, the rolling and kneading with bamboo will soothe and alleviate discomfort, thus giving more vitality to their movements.

Given the stretching and elongating of muscles during the process, It is also of great benefit to anyone suffering from shortened muscles due to postural imbalances.

For almost anyone suffering from neck, shoulder or upper/lower back pain or stiffness, the effect of the bamboo’s rolling, gliding and intensive bamboo massage can accelerate rehabilitation for many injuries and the release of endorphins provides the body with a natural pain killing boost.


Bamboo massage is especially effective for runners and cyclists experiencing tightness in their legs, feet and IT bands as it softens and breaks down muscular tensions. It can enhance sports performance and endurance with just a few sessions which is why as a sports and deep tissue massage therapist, I have added it to my portfolio.

Warm bamboo massage is a unique new way to relax tight muscles and release stress and tension and improve sports performance. If you like deep tissue work, this treatment is for you.

It is recommended that for targeted problem areas that weekly sessions for the first month are most impactful. After the issue(s) are resolved, monthly sessions are sufficient unless the massage is purely for rejuvenating, relaxation and stress reduction.


For those inclined to feel connections between long-held traditions and the natural world, a bamboo massage can have a powerful effect on the mind and general wellbeing. Bamboo is a renewable and sustainable resource with ancient roots, so as a respectful therapist I can nurture these links to create an even more profound experience. Even those who do not connect deeply with these elements, report that it was a totally fulfilling experience with a warm feeling of optimism lingering for several days.

For the more open-minded, the Asian belief in bamboo’s strength, flexibility and versatility will resonate clearly, and enhance the mental and physical values of this bamboo massage.


It is only recently though that the benefits of ancient forms of therapy such as bamboo massage are becoming more clearly appreciated and scientifically understood. In addition to managing stress and promoting over-all good health, below are some of the ways customers may obtain relief from or help with specific health problems.

• Relieves migraines
• Can improve sleep quality and help insomnia
• Helps manage respiratory ailments
• Helps alleviate arthritic pain, particularly in the neck and shoulders
• Improves nervous system functions and sensory nerve perception
• Increases joint and muscle flexibility
• Stimulates cellular activity to repair and intensely nourish the skin
• Breaks down and softens adhesions
• Improves blood flow to surrounding tissues
• Provides a greater ability to transport toxins and waste products from the area
• Warm bamboo provides a fantastic tool creating a sense of depth to the massage
• Provides a notable sensation of relaxation and well-being
• Relieves tightness in muscles and tendons
• Regenerates and revitalises tired aching muscles
• Allows for an effective deep tissue massage
• Relaxes the body and mind
• Increased freedom of movement in muscles and joints
• Increased flow of oxygen in blood
• Promotes lymphatic flow and release of toxins
• Creates more supple skin through renewing cell tissue
• Soothes nerve endings reducing pain

Once you experience it for yourself, you will discover a host of other ways that this ancient healing tool and renewable resource will help you live a fuller, healthier and happier life. Bamboo massage can work in the same way as a sports massage sessions, wherein I can work on specific areas of strain, injury or overuse of specific muscle groups. If you require specific body work this can be arranged.


While Bamboo massage can be performed on a variety of body types, sizes, and fitness levels it is not for everyone.

Please see below for contraindications:-

• Any condition in which massage in general is contraindicated
• Any condition where you have loss of sensation, including Neuropathy, post-surgery injury or trauma where nerves have been affected
• Surgery where nerves have been cut and there is a loss of feeling
• Any disease where there is nerve damage
• Diabetes – I will require a GP/Specialist referral letter (I will provide you with one to take to your Practitioner)

Patients should always have any medication with them during a massage as well as their blood testing kit and foodstuffs such as glucose, sweets, etc…
• Varicose veins – it is advisable to avoid any areas where there are varicose veins during your massage
• High/low blood Pressure
• Pregnancy (all stages)

If you are pregnant please see my Pregnancy massage page.
• Cardiac Patients
• Anyone prescribed medication that may have side effects to heat or temperature challenges
• Heart Disease
• Anyone considered extremely overweight, due to challenge on the heart
• Anyone on Chemotherapy or radiation treatment
• Anyone with a depressed immune system- Lupus,Epstein Barr, Mononucleosis and Cancer
• Immune dysfunctions e.g. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Clients with burns, skin cancer, dermatitis, acne
• Skin conditions aggravated by moisture or heat i.e. Eczema, Psoriasis
• Shingles, Herpes, or any acute skin condition

If you are in any doubt, please consult your GP before starting massage therapy, I can provide you with a GP/Specialist Practitioner referral letter to take along with you to your appointment, he/she then can sign relevant section and you can return it to me. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any concerns.

Treatments :

Bamboo massage is facilitated by organically-treated bamboo of different lengths and diameters, which are warmed to help melt away those tight and over worked muscles. Longer sticks of various widths are used for gliding strokes, whereas smaller tools are used for more detailed work. The bamboo sticks enable me to give a deeper, firmer massage. The sticks are held and rolled over the muscles with the same strokes I would use with my hands. I combine the elements of deep tissue, trigger point and or myofascial release massage within my warm bamboo massage to achieve the best results.

The massage will begin with you lying face down on the table comfortably draped. Tapotement sticks are used to start and end of your treatment. The ends of the sticks are wrapped with soft towelling and it is the wrapped toweling end that contacts your body. This technique is facilitated over your draped body and the tapotement sticks are used to lightly hack all the way up and down the body.

Benefits of Tapotement

Tapotement has a lot of benefits mentally and physically.
Below are a list of the benefits:-
• Tapotement helps athletes to prepare and recuperate from exhausting workouts, it relaxes and softens tired muscles.
• Promotes mental and physical rejuvenation as it fosters peace of mind and it enhances an individual’s capacity to think calmly and creatively.
• It helps blood circulation and relieves tension related headaches.
• Tapotement also strengthens the immune system and rejuvenates your cells.

I prepare your back by applying a natural oil. Once the oil has been applied to the warm bamboo stick, I use the heat of the bamboo stick to warm the skin which allows the skin to absorb moisturising and therapeutic oils, while at the same time preparing the musculature of the body so I can work into the deeper muscle layers. The warmth brings relaxation in a shorter time as it quickly penetrates to relax the muscles. With the bamboo sticks acting as an extension of my hands, I can easily palpate, find tension, and dissolve adhesions and trigger points. The bamboo sticks are used to knead and stretch the muscle and fascia in all directions. The massage can be as light or as deep as necessary and I am always guided by you. A twelve inch bamboo stick is used for large areas to knead the muscles and I use a crisscross technique to stretch fascia. The shorter tools are used for small areas and deeper work.

Bamboo massage has many benefits particularly where hamstrings and gastrocnemius muscles are concerned. The warm sticks help loosen scar tissue and tight muscles, stimulate blood flow and therefore healing and aid in the stretching of these muscles. The use of two half sticks are used on the calf and hamstrings to warm the muscles.

Moving slowly from the ankle over the calf and up to the hamstring. A large bamboo stick is used to knead, roll and stretch the same muscles, rolling over the gluteus muscles whilst doing a gently rocking movement either through the draping, or directly on the skin working deep into the piriformis muscle.

Reduce Pain and Stress
Massaging the bottom can not only relieve pain and stress in the gluteal muscles, but it also offers the same benefits for the rest of the body. Massage on one part of your body produces chemical changes throughout the entire body that reduce pain and stress.

Massaging the feet can help with joint pain and aid recovery after an injury, as well as reduce muscle soreness. Too much standing , running, sports involving lots of jumping, or hard landing and wearing shoes with inadequate support all put you at risk of foot strain. Foot massage can help prevent future injuries such as plantar fasciitis, a common cause of heel pain which sees the thick band of tissue running across the bottom of your foot and connecting your heel bone to your toe become painful and inflamed.

Your feet are not neglected during a bamboo massage. I use the short full stick to perform twisting and pressing on the entire sole of the foot. I also roll the bamboo down the sole and do a gentle tapping. Acupressure can also be performed on the foot. My clients love this!

I use the two half sticks to warm the entire front and back of legs, ensuring I glide gently around the knee. Various size bamboo sticks are used to perform kneading/rolling strokes on the quads and a pivoting stroke along the IT band and lateral side of the lower leg. The work is done slowly, which allow the bamboo to sink into the tissue membranes to open, enabling fluids and nutrients to pass through. This helps remove waste products such as lactic acid and encourages the muscles to take up oxygen and nutrients which help them recover quicker. Bundles of muscle fibres are stretched lengthwise as well as sideways, which stretch the fascia that surrounds the muscle, so releasing any tension or pressure build up.


The small sticks are used on the arms, neck, shoulders and chest area, moving down to the deltoids and upper arms. Each piece of bamboo is carefully hand-crafted and shaped to glide smoothly over the body. The wide surface of the bamboo, along with the warmth, allows your body to unwind during this part of the massage, helping to smooth away stiffness and promote deep relaxation. By speeding up circulation over a wide area of the body, more fresh, oxygenated blood will nourish the tissues, relieving aches and aiding tissue recovery and repair.

Most of us will experience upper back and neck discomfort at some time in our lives and massaging the shoulders and neck can work as an effective prevention, by loosening up any tense muscles. If you already suffer with tension and pain, you will start feeling better during the treatment and hopefully will continue to feel noticeable benefits afterwards.



Working over the pectoral muscles with the half and short sticks has a number of benefits that help stretch and strengthen the chest muscles and aids in improving overall circulation in the chest area. If the pectoral muscles are tight, then this becomes a reinforcing factor in the pain felt between the shoulder-blades and in the upper back and shoulder area. The tighter the pectoralis major is, the more it stretches the muscles on the back, which in turn allows the pectoralis to become even tighter. A vicious cycle develops which can lead to a rounded posture with time. It brings some instant relief to massage the shoulders and upper back, but if pectoralis major is not massaged also, it will only make matters worse over time. The back muscles relax after the massage, allowing the pectorals to become even tighter. I always work on the chest muscles and customers always comment on how open their chest feels afterwards.



Using the half and short sticks to work gently into the side and back of the neck can help ease pain and or tension. Finally the long stick can be used to gently traction the occipital. Benefits of neck massage includes release of muscles in the neck and shoulders, but it is also helpful for those who suffer from tension headaches, eye strain, migraines, sinusitis, and chronic neck pain.  The neck is never massaged in isolation and techniques always include massage of shoulders, chest and upper arms.



I use the half stick to effleurage along the arms gliding very lightly over joints, focusing on the muscles of the deltoids, biceps, flexors, extensors of the forearm and triceps. Bamboo massage to the hand and arms will help ease pain and strain by loosening muscle tissues. Hands are full of receptors and react really well to massage. As well as your hands and arms, your mind and body will feel lighter and experience a relief from tension.


Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a medical physician. It is not meant to cover all possible precautions, drug interactions, circumstances or adverse effects. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen.